Crossroad Championship Wrestling,Its our World!your Just living in it!
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"Your Mouths Writing Checks That Your A$$ Cant Ca$h"



height: 5'7"



Feds Worked:



Titles held:

Current CRW Heavywieght Champion

Favorite Moment in CRW:Coming back for a severe knee injury,and winning the CRW heaveyweight Title...

3 signiture Moves:

Fall away Slam

Top Rope Leg Drop

tilt-a-whril Back Braker

Finisher: The Drivr

You may not like the man, but you had better respect him for what he has accomplished in this business. Just one month after he returned from a career ending knee injury that left him on the shelf for 6 months due to a succesful surgery, he came back as strong as ever and won the CRW heavyweight championship! When it comes to the way Cash wrestle's, he is very violent and diabolical in the way he dismantels his opponnets, settling for nothing short of a all out victory over his foes, Cash is not above using any dirty tactic to make sure his match goes excactly how he wants it to, from using weapons to hiring plenty of back up, Cash does not care as long as things go his way. Another thing about Cash that most people dont know is that he has a big hand in training new CRW talent. Cash ahs done it all from holding the tag team titles with numerous partners to holding the CRW title while only losing it once to Wayne Starr and then regaining it at the next show, he has had plenty of great matches and plenty of heated and entertaining rivalries. Yes sir Cash is the man and I dont think Cash is through running the CRW which excactly what he has done ever since he stepped into a CRW ring, he has smashed and destroyed every opponnet the CRW has thrown at him, and Im sure this time around it will be the same excact thing!

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