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height: 5'9"


Terre Haute indiana

Feds Worked:



The Alliance with TNT jack Maverick and Andrew Coal

Titles held:


Favorite Moment in CRW:Wrestling Ray Lincoln in the opening Match at the Render one CD release Party

3 signiture Moves:

Calf Kick

Reverse InToXiKaToR

2nd rope MoonSault



Toxik, yet another bright young talent on the CRW roster, with his outrageous hair styles and his amazing agility for a guy that weighs in at 235lbs. and his innovative moves its no wonder he is a fan favorite. Toxik is a true player of the game he spends hours training, come up with some the most wildest moves you could ever see and touching up on the fundamentals as often as possible.Toxik has also had some of the most innovative and entertaining matches in CRW history withRay Lincoln,these twos chemistry in the ring is astonishing, together they have pulled off some of the most incredible moves. Toxik has just recently joined the group of Wayne Starr and the Crossroad Kid to become the stable known as the Foul Players, unfortunently for Toxik the crumbling relationship between Starr and The Kid will most likely leave him watching his own back once again which doesn't bother Toxik he has had his share of times without a partner. With the CRW starting back up with the heavy weight title tounerment Toxik is defenitly a favorite in the tournerment! On the other hand if things dont go his way in the tourney dont be surprised to see Toxik grab a partner and make run for the tag team titles or even capturing the coveted junior title, only time will tell whats in store for this young superstar!

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