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Riddle of the Month

Riddle of the Month You are given 10 baskets. 9 of the baskets each have 10 balls weighing 10kg per ball, however one basket has 10 balls weiging 9kg each. All the balls and baskets are identical in appearance. You are asked to determine which basket contains the 9kg balls. You have a suitable scale, but may only take a single measurement. No other measurements may be taken (like trying to determine by hand). You may remove balls from the baskets but may still only take one measurement. How do you do it?

Answer to Last Week's Riddle A census taker approaches a house and asks the woman who answers the door,"How many children do you have, and what are their ages?" Woman: "I have three children, the product of their ages are 36, the sum of their ages are equal to the address of the house next door." The census taker walks next door, comes back and says, "I need more information." The woman replies, "I have to go, my oldest child is sleeping upstairs." Census taker: "Thank you, I have everything I need." Question: What are the ages of each of the three children? The Answer: The Reason the census taker could not figure out the childrens ages is because, even with knowing the number on the house next door there were still two possibilities. The only way that the product could be 36 and still leave two possibilities is if the sum equals 13. These possibilities being 9+2+2 and 6+6+1. When the home owner stated that her "Oldest" child is sleeping she was giving ths census taker the fact that there is an "oldest." The childrens ages are 9,2, &2.

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