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Page Author: Connie
Last Updated 10/8/01

Copying and Pasting

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Open the stationery you wish to copy your text to. Left click the spot where you want your text to begin. You will see the text cursor where you left clicked. Now right click in approximately the same spot. When the small menu opens, left click on paste.

Viola`!! You have copied and pasted your text to a new email message.

You may decide you would like to paste it to notepad to save on your hard drive. Just left click in notepad where you want your text to start. Right click in approximately the same area and left click on paste. Your text will be in notepad.

To remove the highlighting at any time during the process or after you have finished your copying and pasting, left click in your document in an area where there is no highlighting. See the three red pluses in the graphic below.

Congratulations!!! The highlighting is removed from the copied text and your have your new pasted document.

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