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Last Updated 10/8/01

Copying and Pasting

Copying and pasting is a basic knowledge that makes our computer much easier to work with. We will start by going into Outlook Express and opening an email. Open any email you wish as long as there is text in it.

Now put your cursor at the beginning of the area you want to copy. When you get it close to the text (see the red plus in the graphic below)your cursor will change into a vertical line, which is a text cursor. When the text cursor appears, hold down your left mouse button. Continue holding it down as you draw the cursor over the words you want to copy. This will highlight them.

Move the mouse towards the right to the end of the first line of text (see the red plus in the graphic below). If you wish to copy more than one line, draw the mouse straight down (see the red plus2 in the graphic below) continuing to hold down the left button. As you pass each line of text it will highlight.

If you decide you only want to copy part of the last line, move your cursor from the right side (see red plus2 area below) towards the left (see red plus left of the red plus2). As you go back across the highlighted words it will remove the highlighting. When all the words you want to copy are highlighted, release the mouse button.

Now right click anywhere on the highlighted area. A small menu will open. Left click on Copy.

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