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Page Author: Connie
Last Updated 05/25/01

Signature Tag

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You now have a sig(nature) tag with your name on it.

The next step is to export the sig tag graphic as a jpg to your sig tag folder.
There is also a special way to name a sig tag file. First is the name of the person the sig tag is being made for-then the graphic name-then the name of the sig tag creator. I named this one connie-lilangel-cm. I just used my initials instead of putting my name twice. Anyone that makes sig tags would know that this is a lil angel tag for connie made by cm.

The tag that you just made from from this tutorial is now your creation and you may name it this way.

When you use your sig tag in an email, just left click where you want to place your sig tag, go to insert and picture at the top of your new message window, browse to your sig tag file, click open and OK. Now you are ready to make a second tag with a graphic of your own choosing. Have fun.

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