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by bCentral

Page Author: Connie
Last Updated 05/19/01

Undo/Redo Option

If you make a mistake in PSP 7, never fear, help is near. If you just don't like the last couple steps you did in PSP 7, you can Undo it.

Click on Edit and in the drop down menu the last step you performed in PSP 7 will be listed at the top with Undo preceding it. Click on Undo and the listed step will be removed. Want to also remove the step before the last one. Click on Edit and you will see that step listed preceded by Undo. You may continue in this fashion until you are back to your original graphic if you wish.

If you wish to remove several steps and don't want to do it one step at a time, click on Edit, Command History.

The window below will open. All steps you have performed on the graphic will be listed. Highlight the steps you wish to remove and click undo. All the highlighted steps will be removed.

If you find you removed more steps than you wanted to, click Edit, Redo and you may add back as many steps as you wish. Doing it this way will add one step at a time.

If after you remove the steps, you decide you really did like it better before you removed them, Click Edit,Command History. The window below will open. Highlight all the steps you want redone and click on redo.

No need to worry about having to delete a graphic you're working hard on and then "OOPS!!" an error. Changing it is as easy as Clicking on Edit,Undo or Edit, Redo.

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