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by bCentral

Page Author: Connie
Last Updated 05/19/01

Exporting a jpg File

When you make or enhance a graphic in PSP 7 and it is ready to be saved as a finished jpg file, exporting will lower your file size.

Go to the top left corner of PSP 7 and click on File, Export and JPEG Optimizer.

The window below will open. You may click on the Wizard in the lower left corner of the window (and follow the directions) or enter a number in the box next to 'Set compression value to'. I have 5 entered in the box and you can see the difference in the file size by looking under the left window at Uncompressed: and under the right window at Compressed:. The larger the number entered in the compression value box, the smaller the file size. As the number increases the quality of the graphic decreases. I have discovered I can use up to 20 or 25 in the compression value box and not see a lot of difference in most graphics. You can move your graphic around in the windows where it is showing. That helps you to see the difference in the Uncompressed and the Compressed. When you are satisfied with the file size and quality, click on OK.

The browse window below will open. Name your file and browse to the folder where you want to save your jpg. Click on Save.

Close your graphic in PSP 7. A window will open and ask you if you want to save changes to the graphic. Click no and your original graphic will be there to use again.

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