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by bCentral

Page Author: Connie
Last Updated 05/18/01

Signature Tag

This tutorial will teach you how to make a signature tag with an innerbevel and a drop shadow.

Please remember, if you make an error you can always undo it.

Click here to save the following graphic to your hard drive. Unzip it to your graphics folder.

Open PSP7. Click on the yellow folder in the top tool bar to the left and a browse window will open. Browse to the ChibiMoon_Blank.jpg file and click Open.

Go to the top tool bar and click on Colors, Increase Color Depth and check 16 Million Colors(24 Bit). If it is grayed out go to the next step. If it isn't, click on it.

Click on the Eye Dropper in the left vertical toolbar. Click on the white background in the ChibiMoon graphic.

Go to the right vertical color palette area. The top box under Styles will be filled with white. Click on the right angle arrow by the red plus sign. The second box will now be white.

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