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Page Author: Connie
Last Updated 05/19/01

Resizing images in PSP 7
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The size of your image is in the lower right hand corner of PSP 7. The image I used here is 455 pixels wide by 261 pixels high with 256 colors and the file size is 117.2 KBytes. The first number is always the width and the second is always the height.

Click on image under #3 and on resize under #4.

The window below will open. Make sure the two boxes by #5 have check marks in them. Place a dot in the circle beside Percentage of Original above #6. Click on the triangle under #6 to change the percentage and resize your graphic. Release your mouse button to see the pixel size. The changes will show up in the lightened out area above #6. The numbers for width and height will change proportionately at the same time. Click on OK when you are satisfied with your resizing.

After you look at your graphic you may decide you aren't happy with the size.

If so click on Edit beside #7, then click on undo resize beside #8. The graphic will return to its' original size. If you aren't yet sure how to resize go to the top of page 2 and follow the directions.

If you discover your image has lost some of its' clarity after resizing click on Effects, Sharpen, Sharpen. Usually this enhances your image. If you decide you don't like your image as well after this step, click on Edit and undo sharpen as explained in the step just before this one.

That's it. Export your resized image to your hard drive.

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