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by bCentral

Page Author: Connie
Last Updated 05/18/01

Resizing images in PSP 7

Open PSP7. Click on the yellow folder next to the red plus to open a browse window.

Make sure there is a check mark in the box under a. Click the arrow under b to browse to your graphic. Click on your graphic to highlite it as seen by c. The name will appear beside d. Click on open under f.

Your graphic will open in PSP 7.

Click on view and then on rulers under g. A ruler that measures pixels will appear on 2 sides of your graphic as seen by the right h and left h. Once this is done the ruler will be there whenever you open a graphic and you won't have to repeat this step.

Click on Colors by the + sign, then go down to increase color depth, then to 16 million colors(24 bit) under the second + sign and click on it. If it is lightened out so you can't click on it, then your graphic color is correct.

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