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Established: June 26th, 2000

Hello and welcome to the Wabash Hedgehogs website. We are hedgehog breeders located in Lafayette Indiana. We are members of the International Hedgehog club. The Wabash Hedgehog website is meant to be both informative and to help people find a hedgie. We specialize in breeding hedgehogs for temperament and health first and then color. We never inbreed.  Our hedgehogs are not breeders to make money off of, they are pets, so you can be assured that they are very healthy and well loved. We just breed for hobby and to improve the species genetics.

If you have any questions call:

Cash Berry


We would like to apologize for not staying current. On March 11th we recieved a power-surge
from a Thunderstorm. The surge wiped out all the memory on our computer. To sum it up, we
had to buy a new computer and start the web-site all over again from scratch. Again we apologize.


Meet our herd.
Meet Our Herd

Prices and available hedgehogs.

Where do I find a hedgie ?
Where do I get a hedgie

Hedgie Care.
Basics of keeping a hedgie

Hedgehog Colors.

What exactly are hedgehogs ?
What are Hedgehogs

Hedgehog Behavior.

Hedgehogs from Around The World.
Hedgies from Around The World.

Some good links on the internet.
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International Hedgehog Club
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We encourage you to register your hedgehog.                    



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