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The Bible

I and the Bible, my book, 
in its scriptures where I look. 

Telling of God's word is what it's for. 
Telling that if you find God, 
you'll be lost no more. 

For I read it both day and night, 
to my heart, it brings pure delight. 

In my heart I store its scriptures. 
In my mind it frames a picture. 

In my life it gives me wisdom, 
for it tells of the gifts from Him. 

It tells of the commandments, 
for which we should live by. 
It tells of the place in Heaven
reserved for me when I die. 

The light in your life will never go dim, 
if you read of the words of Him. 

Avoid the Bible and you'll remain lost, 
for the price it pays, it's not worth the cost! 

I, like the Bible, can tell of the word, 
to all of God's children who haven't heard. 

To go to Heaven you have to accept in your heart, 
the love-salvation of God which the Bible departs. 

- Unknown



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