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It's so hard to be away from you
because I miss you so much..
We've been a part of each other's lives for so long
that it seems strange
to go on even a day without hearing your voice,
and seeing your smile.
I miss the comfort that having you around 
brings the support and encouragement
you are always so willing to give.
I miss being with you 
and feeling the warmth of your love surround me.
I miss sharing with you 
all the little things that happen each day
and the distance that lies between us
only makes me value the times
we have been able to share 
all the more..
I keep imagining things we'd do and say,
the way you would laugh
if somethig funny happened 
and next thing I know,
I'm day-dreaming about all the things we'll do
when we're together again,
although the miles come between us now,
I still feel so close to you,
and I just keep hoping
the days will fly by..
And I look forward
to the next time we see each other,
because I know 
we'll pick up right where we left off-
enjoying each other's company
and making more good times
to remember.