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If I were to compare our love to a flower, 
I would have to choose the red rose.
Like a rose our relationship started out as a seed. 
Today that seed continues to grow
into a wonderful and beautiful realationship. 
The red in the rose stands for the love, passion, and warmth
in our realtionship.
The green part of the rose stands for a strong 
and lasting relationship that will continue to grow 
with plenty of time and effort.
Our rose of love has many meanings to it.
The red petals on the rose stand for all the great times 
we have had together so far, and the new petals that will 
form later as the rose blossoms stand 
for the good times we will have together in the future.
The thorns represent the problems we have faced in our lives 
and in our relationship but we were able to overcome them. 
The stem helps our love to continue to grow upward 
more and more each day.
The leaves hold us together and help us to be strong.
So every time you look at a red rose just think of 
how much I love you, and all the different meanings 
the red rose has now.

 Kandace  Becker 



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