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Hi There My name is Powderpuff what is yours?
I sure hope my barking got your attention
I am feeling a little down today
I get that way you know
when I feel lonely
No one to play with, pet me, love on me

I want to go out in the fields and jump and run and play with someone
but there isn't anyone to do that with!
Will you play with me?
I want to be taught to fetch the ball and all of those things
Well you be the one to teach me that?
I just want to feel loved that all
and to be cared for and to be taught the things puppys should know
I'm a very loving puppy 
I love people
and I like to be loved by everyone
If you know someone out there that loves puppies and would
like to do these things with me (love me, teach me)
I won't feel alone anymore
well you pass me to them?
I will be a very happy puppy!!!!!
and won't feel alone anymore