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I found a letter underneath the tree
and started reading about me
the words he written took me by surpise
you would never read them in his eyes
he wrote he found someone that he's been dreaming for
wouldn't you know it he wouldn't show it

The words were written came from his heart
I loved him from the start
the words took my breath away
made me more wanting to stay
he wrote he wants to find someone it was me
wouldn't you know it he wouldn't show it

As I hope to become his wife I will give him all my life
my love for him in great heights

I found a letter underneth the tree
and read down all about me
I came to find out wasn't in his dream
 didnt wamt him ever to know
that I have read it wasn't me his dream
wouldn't you know it I wouldn't show it

As I go on with my life
I pray someday I can find
all the love that I deserve
all the love that I deseve

Artist: Bread
Midi: Diary

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