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Heart In My Hand

I felt something here 
 placed in my hand
I lowered my eyes, and peered through the haze
 it came so easy 
beating and yearning, it's fireing blaze

Something I thought 
 I would never have
and to my suprise, I have it right there
 it sings a song I only know 
it's naked with love and layes there so bare

Filled with a passion 
 it moves through me now
it takes a hold and, with all it's desire
 listening to the dreams 
still it moves it loves, it's eternal fire

I hold it alone 
 here in my hand
it sneaks it's way softly, into my soul
 it hears my song 
with a stealing love, begins filling the whole

To be given something 
 ever so precious
having an answer, not knowing what to do
 it wraps itself throughout you 
I smile and words of learning, who ever knew

I did, I tell you I knew 
 from the start 
well maybe I didn't, but was begining to hate
 and always prepared, no that to is a lie 
I never turned my back, to wish one day for fate

It grows with me 
 and breathes as I do
it's sacred beat surrounds us, in our fruitful land
 in awe of what you have given me
I'll cherish it always, your heart in my hand


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