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He gave His head to the crown of thorn.
He gave His back to the cruel lash.
He gave His cheeks to those who plucked out the hairs.
He have His face to the rude human spittle.
He gave His shoulders to be draped with robe 
of mock royalty.
He gave His cloths to His murderers.
He gave His mother to the Apostle John.
He gave His hands and feet to be transfixed with nails
to the accursed Cross.
He gave His blood to this earth for the remission of sins.
He gave His body for the life of the world.
He gave His spirit to God.
Abandoned and desolate, without god, friend and 
acquaintance far from Him, He gave Himself unto death.
The sun withdrew; behind the black  pall of mourning a
cold, cruel world shivered; nature itself refused to contribute
anything---- Jesus Christ "gave everything."
Ye know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, who was
rich, yet for our sakes became poor---- He "gave everything."
He loves me and gave Himself
"gave everything" 
for me