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Prescription for
Your Need
To be taken according to directions

Though you may view your work in tears,
And count it all in vain,
Psalm One two-six will calm your fears,
And make you sing again.

Though darkness shuts you in like night,
You need not go astray;
John 8:12 tells about a Light
that turns your night to day.

Are you restless, ever restless,
Like billows of the sea?
There is perfect peace and quiet
In Isaiah Two-six, three.

When assailed by foes unumbered,
And you know not what to do,
Flee, O flee to David's Fortress
Named in Psalm Eighteen, verse 2.

When your sick, be not discouraged,
Though no earthly help is nigh;
In James Five you'll find a Healer
Who can hear your faintest cry.

If there's but little in your purse,
 (Or maybe nothing, which is worst!)
Your god will help you in your need,
Psalm 37 find and read.

If those around you seem unkind,
 In John 15 your help you'll find,
So read of Christ, the friend of aye;
For he is with you every day.

Are you needing food and raiment?
As poor as poor can be?
Matthew 6, verse 33.

Have you lost your faith in people,
In yourself, and everything?
Take Mark 'leven, two and twenty,
 It will make you shout and sing.

Are there strange, conflicting signboards?
All along your upward way?
Take John 10, verse 27,
And you cannot go astray.

When death has claimed your loved ones,
And you are torn with grief
1 Thessalonians 4, helps,
and gives one great relief.

Do you often feel unhappy?
There's a safe and certain cure,
Found in Proverbs 16:20,
That will happiness insure.

Are you starting on a journey?
Does your heart sink with dismay?
Proverbs 3, verse 6, can strengthen,
 And direct you all the way.

When you are growing in faint in heart,
And would a tonic find,
Psalm 27 can impart
New strength to heart and mind.

Are you oft inclined to worry?
Have more then you can bear?
In 1 Peter 5, Verse 7,
 There's a balm for every care.



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