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Reflections Search and Support
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Adoption Search and Support Group

We support Open Records for adult adoptees

REFLECTIONS Adoption Search and Support group is based in Evansville, Indiana. It was originally formed in 1992 with the main focus of changing Indiana Adoption law. We now meet as needed for support in reunion as well as search help. Anyone affected by adoption in this area is invited to join us. Evansville is in SW Indiana bordering Kentucky and Illinois.

The Reflections group is comprised of some very dedicated individuals including adoptees, birth mothers, and birth fathers. Whether you are just starting to search, somewhere in the middle of searching, or have completed your search people are here to help you.

Let us know if you are interested in attending a meeting

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After much hard work statewide, Indiana House Bill 1108 became law July 1, 1993. Many of the provisions of this law are significant because adoption records were sealed in Indiana July 8, 1941. The new law provides a FREE Indiana Adoption History Registry and the ability to petition the court to have closed records opened.The purpose of the Registry is that if both parties are registered there is a match and the State would contact them. Then there would be no need to petition. We urge people to search on their own if possible but remind them that petitioning the court is a very powerful option.

If you would like the Registry forms to be sent to you free of charge just contact us.

Some of what is referred to as 'non-identifying' information may also be acquired from the agency that handled the adoption. The agency, too, may require that you have first sent forms for the Adoption History Registry. This is information similar to what adoptive parents and birthparents should have been told at the time of the adoption. A word of advise..much of what was originally shared was not true. The information you receive now is what to believe.

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Indiana adoptees over 21 years of age , birth parents, and separated siblings have the right to petition the court.The prerequist is that received no match with the Adoption History Registry. Petitioning the court is handled through the Confidential Intermediary Program. The cost of the court petition is $100.00 while the cost for CI services varies.
You can now fill a preliminary form to petition the court on our site.CLICK HERE

We are also in the process of gathering and posting messages from all of you who are searching in this area. Who knows who may 'drop by' and see it.

Unfortunately not all searches end successfully but we are fortunate to have many happy endings. Let us know if you would like more information or to have one of the group contact you.

We now have a mailing list! Join us if you wish. We will be scheduling chat times too.
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