LaraMee Deux



Disclaimer: Not mine...they actually belong to Muse. At least that’s what she told me! Mirish, Trilogy, CBS, MGM and TNN were having a yard sale, and she bought them there. Honest. Muse wouldn’t lie to me.

Rated: NC-17 for some of the less savory content

Characters: Ezra, Vin and Chris...although all seven are in the story in varying degrees.

Synopsis: On the way back to town (again...I’m thinkin’ maybe they shouldn’t leave town. It never turns out well) Ezra spies a mine. True to his nature, the gambler goes off to investigate. Confronting Standish, an already perturbed Chris starts a fight inside the mine, which results in a near-fatal accident for the gunslinger. While Vin rides for help, Ezra keeps the man in black company, opening up to the man as he never has before. Rescued and back in town, Chris fights for life, Vin fights to keep his friend whole, and Ezra fights his own demons. Can the peacekeepers weather this storm and remain a team?

Notes: I’ve been told by several people that this could have been an episode. I take this as the highest praise, and cherish those comments. I would also present it free of charge to TPTB if they’d only bring the show back! I took a lot of liberties from Ezra’s comments of being raised by everyone but his mother, and Maude’s comment that she had been married five times. It was just my way of delving into the gambler’s mind. Muse should also be listed as co-author, as she developed a big chunk of the plot. As usual, this is dedicated to my cyber-Chris, who puts up with her cyber-Vin pretty well. Love you cyb!