1. A warning to maintain proper actions, voice, and conduct of a slave at all times. Or a warning of the proper chores and postings there of.
2. One day caged
3. Loss of title (i.e. trainer) or if no title loss of silk status and one day caging
4. one week caged

Devices used for punishment and disciplin
 Death:Self Explanitory. A slave is never allowed the honor of a quick,death.

 Slave Box:A small, square iron box the slave is forced inside, the iron door bolted shut. Only two openings are in the box, both on the door. One is at the top. The other at the bottom. These are to allow air into the box, which is hot and dark, and also to allow food and water to be passed to the slave.

 SlaveGoad:A small electrical device much like the tarn goad. When the  switch is depressed, an electrical charge is emitted, sparks of yellow bright, which causes a painful shock to the slave. The use of the goad does not mar the slaves flesh, therefore there is no fear of scarring, thus reducing the value of the slave.

 With holding food:A very minor, but very effective method of discipline.

 Whipping:Being tied to the whipping post and whiped.Number of lashes      depending on what was done.

 Cage:This is where owned slaves will be placed till owner deals with   them.And for mouthy slaves.

 Rock of Shame:Large rock with chains on it,slaves are bound to it.The rock can be found next to the whipping post.

                Chains, rings and leashes

 Alcove kolar:The Alcove kolar is actually a chain. It is a chain placed in the alcoves(or wagons) to chain the slaves wrists and ankles, wide spread ofcourse and then locking a kolar about her throat so she can't sit up more than a few inches.

"I locked the girl's left ankle in the first ankle ring. She looked,wonderingly, at the steel locked on her ankle. She lifted the chain, leading to the locked ankle ring on her left ankle. She looked at me. "You chained me," she said. "Oh," she said. I thrust her to her back on the furs. I then fastened her left and    right wrists in their respective wrist rings. I then put the alcove collar on her, shortening its chain, fitting it over Pembe's collar.She could not then rise more than a few inches from her back. I then went to her right, and shortened the chain there. I then took her right ankle. "Oh!" she said, as I pulled it far to her right. I then locked it in the ankle ring, on its shortened chain, which is at the left of the alcove entrance as one enters. 
  Explorers of Gor Page 174 

Chains: Chains is often used to teach the slave her place

"The girl struggled up, in her chains, and then knelt before him.She crossed her chained hands over her breasts, covering herself. This was interesting, this sudden, poignant touch of frightened modesty, now that she was aware of her slave vulnerability. "
       Renegades of Gor page 376 

Body Chain: The body chain is a 5 feet long, decorated chain with two sets of clips attatched, a set of snap clips and a set of lock clips, it can therefor be used both as a control device and a piece of jewelery. It is not a heavy chain and used to loop the slaves throat.

"The loop of the body chain was some five feet in length. It was made to loop the throat of a woman several times, or, by alternative windings, to bedeck her body in a variety of fashions.The chain was not heavy, but, too, it was not light. It had a solid heft in one's hand. It was closely meshed and strong. It could be used, if a man wished, and perfectly, for purposes of slave security. It was decorated sensuously, with colorful wooden beads, semiprecious stones and bits of leather. Detachable, but now attached to the chain at one point were two sets of clips, one of snap slips and one of lock clips. It is by means of these clips that the chain can be transformed from a simple piece of slave jewelry into a sturdy and effective device of slave restraint."
       Rogue of Gor, pages 71-72 

Common Chain -The common chain is also called March or Trekking Chain. Ankles is confined in loose steel loops, then a common chain is ran through the rings in the loops. It is a long chain allowing the slave to move almost freely.

"This was a "common chain," sometimes called a "march chain"or "trekking chain"; it was not a "display chain" in the "display chain" or "selling chain," 
       Tribesmen of Gor, page 14 

"Their ankles were confined in loose, steel ankle loops, but they could not slip them. A common chain ran through the rings on the looks. No longer were their ankles confined with a foot of chain between them. Their ankles, now, for the chain running through the loop-rings was long, could be moved as closely together or as widely apart as they, or their masters, might wish.There were round, pierced metal balls at each end of the ankle chain, to prevent it slipping through the rings entirely. One such ball was to the right of the blonde's right ankle and the other was to the left of the left ankle of the last girl on the chain. This ankle-chain arrangement, permitting such plasticity of movement, makes it easier to display a girl." 
       Beasts of Gor, page 63 

Display Chain:The display chain is also called a Selling Chain is a chain to chain girls together. It is often used in an auction for an psychological effect to display the most beautiful slaves and make the prices higher by even place the most beautiful between two not as beautiful girls or save all the beautiful girls to the last chain

This was a "common chain," sometimes called a "march chain"or "trekking chain"; it was not a "display chain" in the "display chain" or "selling chain," the arrangement of the girls may be determined by a variety of considerations, aesthetic and psychological; for example, blondes may be alternated with      brunets, voluptuous girls with slim, vital girls, aristocratic girls with sweet, peasant wenches and so on; sometimes a girl is placed between two that are less beautiful, to enhance her beauty; sometimes the most beautiful is saved for last on the chain; sometimes a chain is used as a ranking device, the most      beautiful being placed at its head, the other girls then competing with one another constantly to move to a new wrist-ring,snap-lock or collar, one higher on the chain. 
       Tribesmen of Gor, page 14 

Four Chains: The four chains conisist of a chain between the two wrists of a slave and the ankles, then from right ankle to right wrist and left ankle to left wrist

"His girls served naked and chained. Each ankle and wrist ring had two staples. Each girl's wrists were joined by about eighteen inches of chain, and similarly for her ankles. Further each girl's left wrist was chained to her left ankle, and her right wrist to her right ankle. This arrangement, lovely on a girl, produces the "four chains," from which the establishment took its name The four-chain chaining arrangement, of course, and variations upon it, is well known upon Gor. Four other paga taverns in Port Kar alone used it. 
       Explorers of Gor, page 42 

Harl Rings:"They were Harl rings, named for the slaver Harl of Turia, who is reported to have first used them. They consist, in effect, of four portions. First, there is a metal ankle ring, which snaps about  the girl's ankle. Second, to the back of the ring, there is welded a closed loop. Third, to the front of the ring, fastened through another closed loop, is about a yard of chain. Fourth, this chain terminates in a locking device, which may then be snapped shut, if one wishes, through the welded, closed loop on the back of a second ankle ring. The Harl ring is a versatile piece of custodial hardware. It may be used to chain a girl to anything, say, about a tree, or stanchion, or the ankle of another girl, and then locked      about its own chain, or through one of the links of its own chain.The chain, of course, may also be looped about, say, a tree, or a pillar in a public building, and the locking device snapped into the welded ring on the back of the girl's own anle ring. This is called a closed Harl Loop. One of the most frequent uses of the Harl ring, of course, is to form a segment in a slave chain, which may then be of any length, adding or removing girls, as short or long as the slaver wishes." 
       Hunters of Gor page 208 

Sirik:"Then, when I was absolutely naked, a golden collar, to which a chain was attached, with wrist rings and ankle rings, was brought. It was a chaining system of that sort called a Sirik. My chin was thrust up and I felt the golden collar locked about my throat. Almost as the same time my wrists, held closely together before me, were locked helplessly in the wrist rings. In another instant, my ankles, held, were helplessly in the ankle rings. A chain then ran from my collar to the chain on my wrist rings and     from there, the same chain, to the chain on my ankle rings. My ankle rings chain was about twelve inches in length, and my wrist chain was about six inches in length. The central chain, where it dangled down from the wrist rings, lay on the floor before the throne, before it looped up to where it was closed  about the central link of the ankle ring chain. This permits the prisoner, usually a slave, to lift her arms. She is thus in a position to feed herself or better exhibit her beauty to masters in a wider variety of postures and attitudes than would otherwise be the case. The point of the sirik is not merely to confine a woman,but to confine her beautifully. 
       Kajira of Gor, page 186 

Shackles:"My ankles were chained; some ten inches of chain separated them; the chain was fastened on them by means of two padlocks. I was the only girl in camp, as far as I knew, who was shackled." 
       Kajira of Gor, page 244 

Slave Bridle:"One thing that was shown to me was the slave bridle; the male takes the light chain back between the teeth of the girl and holds it, together, behind the neck, thus too, pinning her hands there, helplessly; he then controls her by means of the bridle; my own invention was the chain kiss; one clasps the leg with the chain against the interior thigh, and the, from the side of the knee, one     begins to kiss the leg, one's lips and teeth hot about the chain and her mouth, biting and kissing, climbing the chain ; she climbs the chain and descends it, and climbs it again until he orders her to leave it." 
       Slave Girl of Gor, page 341 

Slave Hobble:"The slave hobble consists of two rings, one for a wrist, the other for an ankle, joined by about seven inches of chain. In a right-handed girl, such as either Aphris or Elizabeth, it locks on   the right wrist and left ankle. When the girl kneels, in any of the traditional positions of the Gorean woman, either slave or free, it is not uncomfortable." 
       Nomads of Gor page 154-155 

Slave Chains:"Do You know the sort of chains you wear?" he asked. "Slave chains," she said. "They look well on you." he said. She did not speak. Then suddenly in a moment, as of panic, seemingly unable to help herself, she tried the chains, those on her wrists, trying to slip them from her wrists, then jerking them, but they held her well. 
       Renegades of Gor page 386 

Walking Chains:"The use of a light walking chain, tethering the ankles, meant to be worn abroad, accompanying the master, incidentally, is not uncommon in the regions of the Tahari. A beautifully measured gait is thought, in the Tahari, to be attractive in a woman. There is dispute as to the desirable length of the stride, and the chain may be adjusted accordingly. To me it seems obvious that one must experiment with the given girl. Height and hip structure vary." 
       Tribesman of Gor page 45 
Coffle:"The collars had front and back rings, were hinged on the right and locked on the left. This is a familiar form of coffle collar.The lengths of chain between the collars were about three to four  feet long. Some were attached to the collar rings by the links themselves, opened and then reclosed about the rings, and some of them were fastened to the collar rings by snap rings. Another common form of the coffle collar has its hinge in the front and closes behind the back of the neck, like the common slave collar. It has a single ring, usually on the right, through which, usually, a single chain is strung. Girls are spaced on such a chain, usually, by snap rings. An advantage of the first sort of coffle     arrangement is that the chain may, as girls are added or subtracted, be shortened or lengthened. A chain which has been borne by fifty girls would, of course, be impracticably heavy for five or six. An advantage of the second arrangement is that girls can be easily spaced on the chain, more or less closely together, and can be conveniently removed from, and added to, the chain.Which chaining arrangement is best for a given set of girls depends, of course, on the particular intentions and purposes of their master."
       Savages of Gor, pages. 135-136 

Whipping Ring:"I shut the ankle ring then on the blonde's left ankle. She was secured. Sasi rose and put the key on a hook to one side of the room. near it, on another hook, there hung a slave whip. From one of the overhead beams, near the side of the room, there was a whipping ring, to which a slave could be tethered, which could be lowered. It was a furnished room. Slaves, it must be understood, are not that uncommon on Gor."
       Explorers of Gor, page 187 

Slave Strap:"She wore a slave strap, a heavy strap, buckling in the back.Through the ring passed, a chain, of some five inches in length,each end of which terminated in a bracelet. He hands were     confined to her body."
       Hunters of Gor, page 65 

Leash: "There was a sturdy ring attached to this collar, and, attached to the ring, there was a long slave leash of black leather. It was some fifteen feet in length. In most leadings, of course, this   amount of length would not be used, but would be coiled in the grasp of the master. The length is useful if the slave is expected to perform leash dances, is to be bound with the leash, or if, it     doubled at the master's end, it is to be used to train or discipline her."
       Kajira of Gor, page 336-337 

Slave Ring:"According to the Gorean way of looking at things a taste of the slave ring is thought to be occasionally beneficial to all women,even the exalted Free Companions. Thus when she has been   irritable or otherwise troublesome even a Free Companion may find herself at the foot of the couch looking forward to a pleasant night on the stones, stripped, with neither mat nor blanket,chained to a slavering, precisely as though she were a lowly slave girl. It is the Gorean way of reminding her, should she need to be reminded, that she, too, is a women, and thus to be dominated, to be subject to men. Should she be tempted to forget this basic act of Gorean life the slave ring set in the bottom of    each Gorean couch is there to refresh her memory. Gor is a man's world."
       Priest Kings of Gor, page 67 

"I suppose that sometimes girls might even be chained in such a place, like a dog at a man's feet, or perhaps even on the hard,cold tiles, under the slave ring. 
       Kajira of Gor, page 86 



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