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Book listing

This is a collection of the books, I read during the first year of  my grieving process.  Plus some that I am still reading!

(If you click on the book cover it will take you to Amazon books where you could  read a review or purchase it!)

For Children'

Mommy Please don't cry by Linda DeYmas   

Written from a child's point of view, it is very sweet and comforting to a mother's heart.  Also good for siblings to understand Heaven.

Sad Isn't Bad

Loaded with positive, life-affirming advice for coping with loss as a child, this guide tells children what they need to know after a loss--that the world is still safe; life is good; and hurting hearts do mend. Written by a school counselor, this book helps comfort children facing of the worst and hardest kind of reality. Full color.



Early in the Grief Process:

Like a knowing and sympathetic companion, this unique journal is designed to help you work through the painful emotions, thoughts, and memories that surface when you have lost someone dear to you. Written by a professional counselor, this book supplies you with important information about grief and the grieving process. But, more importantly, it invokes the healing power of writing to provide you with a means for collecting your thoughts

The Tunnel and The light

by Dr.Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

**On Life After Death

By Dr Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

 Heaven; Better by Far

by J. Oswald Sanders


No time for Goodbyes

by Janice Harris Lord


All Christian Authors:

**The Will of God

by Leslie D Weatherhead

****In the Eye of the Storm

by Max Lucado

(I just found this  while I was searching~ So I will be reading it soon.) 

**Heaven : What the Bible Reveals About : Answers to Your Questions
by Daniel A. Brown

(I just found this  while I was searching~ So I will be reading it soon.) 

Anatomy of the Spirit

By Caroline Myss. PH.D.

**Prayers that Avail Much by Word Ministries.Inc

One of my favorite

When God Weeps



A Bit Deeper Search for the meaning of Life:

A Course in Miracles

by The Foundation for Inner Peace

My Favorite right now (still reading)

Autobiography of a Yogi

by Paramansa Yogananda

Healing Mudras; Yoga for your hands

by Sabrina Mesko


I loved this one!

A Gradual Awakening by Steven Levine

The Celestine Vision 

by James Redfield

Seat of the Soul 

by Gary Zukav




I hope you find something you enjoy that brings you hope!

I will add more as I find them or friends tell me about them.  If you have a book you think I would like please e-mail me, so I can read and pass it on. 

Thank you, Tina