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As you move through the quietly little mountain forest. The trail begins to widen, and before you know you see in front of you, a castle. The castle is made of an old rock structure, and there are several towers that lead their way high into the sky. As you move closer to the castle, you see many small building. Within these buildings are The Blackdawn Tavern, and the Weapon shops. In the smaller types, you see women frantically running around trying to get their daily chores done. There are only a few people kind of like the place is abandoned. Their is a quiet state as you enter the doors to the castle, where you see the King and queen, and a couple of servants.

The king slowly strolls up to you. He moves in a good manner as he aproaches you. His right arm holding a long staff which taps the ground as he moves. He reaches you with a silent nod, "Welcome Traveler, I wish to as you If you wish to join me here at Blackdawn. "The members in here are respectable, Heres a list of who's has joined." "If you still don't know if you wish to join, then maybe you should know more about the, History." "Would thou like to check out the daily talkings at the, Message Board.

Last Updated 6/7/01

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