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The Blackford County Civil War Re-enactment Club, is committed to having a monument erected on the Blackford County Court House square for the Civil War soldiers who lived in Blackford County at the start of the war, those soldiers from other counties that enlisted in Blackford County, those soldier that are buried in Blackford County, and those veterans who moved to Blackford County after the war.

The Club opened a Blackford County Civil War Memorial fund in 1997, and donated a minimum of $1,500 each year to the fund.  We wanted  to give more, but it depended on the contributions that we get from the attendance at our Blackford County Civil War Days and Student Discovery Day, and on the weather.  A second source was from donations made directly to the monument fund: Blackford County Civil War Monument Fund, 3219S SR3, Hartford City, IN 47348.  A third source of funding for this project was through the sell of bricks or rose mountain granite blocks that will be used for the walkway around the monument.  A fourth source of funding was through the sell of the the Blackford County Civil War Veterans book. 

 The Club spent countless hours on this project, and updated the names of the Civil War soldiers with the help of several members of the Daughters of Union Veterans, Rachel Silliven Tent, the Blackford County Historical Society, and Mark Davis.  These names are on the walls of the monument.  This project was long overdue for paying respect to the men from this area that served during this time period. 

 In October we wrote Wearly Monuments a check for $40,000 to pay for the first phase of this project.  This first phase covers the the cost of the base, pedestal, and the engraving of the names of the soldiers on the four sides of the granite pedestal.  The granite base and pedestal came from a quarry in Vermont.  The names of the soldiers were engraved by Wearly Monuments. On Nov. 15, 2003 we had a ground breaking ceremony to begin construction of the monument.    

Phase 2  The ground work began in January, 2004.  The pedestal and base were placed on the concrete pad July 21st, 2004.  The construction of the walkway around the monument began in early August of 2004.  On October 9, 2004  there was a monument dedication ceremony at the Blackford County Courthouse.  

Phase 3  The design for the Civil War soldier is in the hands of the fine arts sculptor and is scheduled to be completed by March 31, 2006.  It will then be sent to the finery to be molded and bronzed.  Once finished it will be be shipped from the finery and erected on the granite pedestal. The  bronze statue was dedicated on Oct. 14, 2006.  The total cost for the bronze statue was close to $32,000.  On October 14, 2007 there was a bronze statue dedication ceremony at the Blackford County Court house

Phase 4  Raising the funds to purchase  four stacks of polished black granite canon balls which will be placed at the four corners of the existing monument. The funds, $3,200, for the addition of the cannon balls has been fulfilled. The cannon balls were  installed in  2007. 

Phase 5:  The Club also wants to set aside a minimum of $7,000 or more in a trust that will allow the interest on the account to be set aside for future maintenance should it ever be needed.  The intent of this account is to make the monument independent from external assistance.

Our Club is committed to providing a service for Blackford County with a Civil War Re-enactment event that is held each year in October.  Through this event and the proposed Civil War monument, we hope to contribute to the preservation of our American heritage for the years of 1861 - 1865.


Pledge to Purchase a Brick or Rose Mountain Granite Block for the Walkway around the Civil War Monument.

The proceeds on the sale of the granite blocks or red clay bricks have been turned over to the Blackford County Historical Society and the Montpelier Historical Society for the preservation of their records. Use the contact information listed below to purchase a book. With the purchase of a brick or rose mountain granite block you have the following options: 

(1)  Four inches by eight inches brick that will allow for three (3) lines of lettering, 16 letters per line, subject to the Club’s approval. Cost: $50 per brick.

(2)  Eight inches by eight inches rose mountain granite block that will allow for six (6) lines of lettering, 16 letters per line, subject to the Club’s approval.  Cost: $250.

The only granite blocks that we are selling are the $250 Rose Mountain Granite blocks. The $500 and $1,500 Rose Mountain Granite blocks can no longer be purchased.

The $50 red clay brick and $250 Rose Mountain granite blocks can still be purchased until all the spaces around the walkway are filled.  The cost also includes the lettering.

You can claim part of this purchase as a tax deduction.   The portion of the cost of the brick with lettering over the clubs cost of the brick with lettering is deductible.  Any donations made directly to the monument fund are tax deductible.

A book,  "Indiana Civil War Veterans, Blackford County, 1861 - 1865, 3rd edition,"  has been completed and can be purchased in Hartford City, IN by calling (765) 348-3103 or (765) 348-4028,  by e-mail: sacastelo@yahoo.com or gjwinder@pcdoctors1.com, or by writing to: The Blackford County Historical Society, P.O. Box 264, Hartford City, IN 47348 or purchased in Montpelier, IN:  by calling (765) 728-5334,   or by writing to: The Montpelier  Historical Society, 6725 N. Blackford Ave., Montpelier, IN 47359.  Soft bound books are $20.00 per copy.  There is a $5.00 shipping and handling cost on all books mailed.  All proceeds from the sell of this book (over printing cost) will go to the Historical Society that sales the book.  Names and information of all Civil War soldiers engraved on the monument, as well as many photos and letters, are included in this book.

The Blackford County Civil War Re-enactment Club is incorporated, and it is a Not-For-Profit organization.  Please contact the Hartford City Chamber of Commerce, (765) 348-1905, with regards to any questions on the authenticity of our organization.


For details about this project call (765) 348-4319, or send e-mail to 84ind@comcast.net

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