Registration and Waivers for Attendees:

Note: Attendees means participants.  All attendees must check in with registrars as soon as they arrive, regardless of whether pre-registered or not-knowing that you are here and what camp you are in will help us in case of an emergency.  To receive any of the free benefits you must be registered and have filled out a waiver.  We appreciate your help and we welcome you to this year’s event and educational days.


Fees and Late Registration:

1.      Registration Fee:  No registration fees.  Just have a good time.

2.      Late Registration:  No registration fee.  You are still welcome to participate but please register upon arrival.


Attendees Requirements:

1.      Have a good time.

2.      Make positive suggestions on activities that you would like to have to see at this event.  Suggestion box is at the registrar table.

3.      Take ownership in helping to make this event one you enjoy and want to come back to.

4.      Attend with the thought that you are welcome guest of the Blackford County Civil War Reenactment Club, Inc & the host units: The 19th Ind. Lt. Art. & the 49th Ind. Vol. Inf., Co. F.


General Rules for Camps/Battles/Skirmishes/Tactical:


A. Participants:

1.  Anyone under the age of 18 must be sponsored and approved by an adult participant who will be responsible for the safety and welfare of that minor.

2.  Runners and flag bearers [15 yr. of age and under] must have host unit approval.

3.  Minors under the age of 18 will not be permitted out of the camps after midnight unless in the presence of an adult.

4.  No hand to hand combat unless approved by host unit commanders.

5.  First person impression during public hours.

6.  Modern items in the camps are to be concealed out of the sight of the public.

7.  1/2 bale of straw per dog tent.  Additional straw can be purchased at the price of a bale of straw.  We don’t want to purchase more straw than we need to because we have to pick up and move all of the straw after the event is over.  Two days after this event is over,  you will not know that a reenactment took place here.  This ground will be cleaner that before we started the event.  This is our guarantee to use this ground for future events.  

8.   All participants (dismounted cavalry included) in the battles or skirmishes must show up for morning parade to be identified as a participant, and give good reason why they cannot participant in the mandatory drill which qualifies them to be in the battles and skirmishes.

9.   If a participant is on foot (dismounted cavalry included), they will obey orders from the infantry staff officer or officers that they are assigned to.

B. Alcohol:

1.  Minors will not consume alcohol under any circumstance at this event.  Must leave event

      with sponsor if caught [*** no exceptions ***].

2.  No excessive drinking.  Any alcohol consumed during public hours must be kept in period container and no alcohol is to be consumed 2 hours prior taking the field whether in a skirmish or battle..  Unit commanders must see that alcohol is not abused in his camp.

3.  Drinks must be in tin cups or period bottles.

C. Drugs:

1.  Only prescription drugs are allowed.

D. Vehicles:

1.  By 6:30 a.m. all non-period wagons are to be moved out of the camps into assigned areas. 

E. Camp Fires:

1.  Grass from the fire pits must be saved and put back after the event.

2.  Be sure your fires have been put out before leaving.

F. Weapons:

1.  No firing of weapons without the approval of the host unit commanders.

2.  No firing of weapons after 7:00 p.m. unless approved by the host unit commanders.   All weapons  must be inspected daily before firing. 

3.  Weapons must be 3 banded unless approved by the host unit commanders or their designate.  Mississippi rifles,  Henry’s, Spencer, are acceptable.  Other models must be approved by the host unit commanders.

4.  One weapon per person unless by the host unit commanders - Exception: Cavalry

5.  Minors 15 years in age and under will not fire a weapon.

G. Fireworks:

1.  No fireworks of any kind will be permitted.

H. Trash:

1.  Trash in the camps must be stored and kept

      out of sight.

2.  Do not put trash in the fires.

3.  It will be picked up in the mornings (7:30) and evening [6:30].

4.  It is everyone’s responsibility to keep authentic camps policed.

5.  Please use the trash barrels located in the parking area (please don’t create additional work for us).

I. Flags:

1.  Host unit commanders or their designate will determine the number and which flags can be carried in battle.

J. Glasses:

1.  Period glasses must be used if you have to wear glasses.

2.  Non period and sun glasses are not allowed during the hours that the public is in attendance..

K. Dress Code:

1.  Uniforms, clothing, accouterments and equipment must be of the Civil War era in pattern and material [authentic reproduction].

2.  No Indians unless in military uniform or unless approved by host unit commanders.

3.  No buckskins or trappers

4.  No participants in blue jeans or non-period clothing including foot ware.

L.  Company  Size:

1.  Companies with less than 10 men will combine as a unit with larger units.

2.  Companies with less than 20 men cannot have a commander higher than the rank of captain unless approved by the host unit commanders or their designate.

M.  Camp Setup:

1.  Host units wanting to have their camps set-up in a particular way should get to the site in plenty of time to stake out the area before someone else claims the desired location.  

2.  Anyone setting up an A-Tent or Wall Tent will not be required to move if the area he has set up in has not already been reserved or marked off by a particular unit.  One Dog Tent may be asked to relocate in the case of a larger unit's encampment needing the space.

3.  All camp set-up disputes will be arbitrated by the event's coordinator who will make a just and final decision based on all circumstances considered.

4.  Take as much area as needed for camp or unit set-up but don't take more than is needed.

N. Singing in the ranks:  

1.  During the time that spectators are present at the event there will be no singing of non-period songs or cadence. This is in respect to re-enactors who want to be authentic and the spectators who are paying to see the event. 

O. Corp. patches or any other patches worn on head gear or uniforms

1.  Do not wear any non-period patches  that were not used in the civil war. This applies to both Corp. and Company patches.   We want to be as authentic as possible. 

P.  Battle Cry:   

1.  No non-period battle cry.  This includes the battle cry of the Zulu against the British during the Zulu War of 1878.  This is in respect to re-enactors who want to be authentic and the spectators who are paying to see the event. 



1.  Absolutely no parking or unloading in the cemetery.   Vehicles will be towed out per the cemetery staff.

2.  Park in the designated area (north or south parking lot as stated below and not the camps).  Do not park in the section on the south end of the North paved parking lot which is designated and marked for 3M employees working at the plant.  We have to remember that the parking lot belongs to 3M and not the Blackford County Civil War Re-enactment Club; they are letting us use it as long as we abide by their rules.  Also, no parking along the fence section by the cemetery to the north of the artillery camps. Vehicles will be towed away at the owners expense.   

      a. North parking lots:  Cars, pickups, vans,  and artillery trailers.

      b. South parking lots:  Cars, pickups, vans, light trailers, artillery trailers,  horse trailers, sutlery trailers, and RV's 

3.  Trash and fire wood is not to be left in the paved parking lot.  Use trash barrels.




1.  The host units have the authorization to choose the overall commanders for the US and CS for this event.

2.  All commanders are to follow the event schedule unless approved by host units

      or changed by the event sponsor (Blackford County Civil War Re-enactment Club).



Provost Rules:


1.  Anyone found drunk, disorderly, or destroying another person or persons property will be ask to leave and pay for the items destroyed and or report the claim to local authorities.  Destruction of another persons property will be the responsibility of the person destroying the property to replace the item or items, and not the responsibility  of the Blackford County Civil War  Re-enactment Club, Inc. to pay for the items destroyed by other participants. There must be proof and a witness, not hearsay, before an individual can be asked to leave the event. The host commanders have he authority  to have anyone removed from the event that breaks the rule.

2.  Campfires must be attended.

3.  After 10 p.m. have fun but remember the person next to you be trying to sleep.  Turn the

      volume down a little.

4.  After midnight; Please no unnecessary disturbance.

5.  No one is to enter another persons tent without the approval of that person.

6.  Threats are not to be made by anyone to another person.  Read the rules and take your complaint to you commander. Remember you are here to have a enjoyable, safe,  and fun weekend.  Try to resolve your problems as adults and listen to both sides.

7.  Treat with full respect any re-enactor portraying a guard on sentry duty. Respect and comply with any requests he makes of you with regards to your entering or leaving the camp he is guarding. Any confrontation, disrespect or harassment hindering the re-enactor from performing his sentry duty will be grounds for dismissal from this event. This does not include previously arranged skits, which have been approved by the guard on duty, the commander of the guard, and the overall commander.  

8.  Other regulations based on common sense and common decency [each person respecting the rights of others and remembering that this is a family event with women and children].

9.  Any person, persons, or unit that violates any of the event rules [general, common sense, or safety] will be ejected.  The host units commanders and the designated representative of the Blackford County Civil War Reenactment Club, Inc. will have the authority to eject anyone violating these rules.




      Note:  These rules have been established as a guide line to follow to

                  prevent problems before they occur.  They have also been setup

                  to protect the sponsors, host units, commanders, owners of this

                  property, the property of the neighbors joining this site, and the



Have you read these rules?



Infantry Rules revised: May 28, 2016