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August and September have been busy months here at Windriver Naturals!! After much development and testing our Happy Horse product line is finally ready for introduction!! How many times have we purchased cleansers and conditioners for our horses that never worked quite as well as we thought they would? After much trial and error we have developed cleansers, conditioners and hot oil treatments for our horse friends that really get the job done!! High quality vegetable oils, butters and essential oils have been carefully blended to provide the optimum conditioning benefits.

For our horseowners the Happy Horse will feature intensive creams and lip balms, with natural sunscreening abilities for that dry, tired skin. Herbal tub teas will provide a welcome break for those sore muscles and our hair conditioner will leave your hair as soft, shiny and conditioned as those manes we have all been working on!!

Fall and Winter Fragrances.
We also have been working on our fall/winter fragrance line. With fragrances such as Pumkin Spice and Spiced Plum the home and bath will never have smelled so good!! Along with the new fragrances we will be introducing a natural room spray to scent your entire home with the fragrance of the coming season and holidays!

The gift baskets are coming!
We have assembled quite an array of gift baskets for your giving pleasure this holiday season! Large ones or small ones, if we don't have what your looking for e-mail us and we will create it especially for you!! From beanie babies to soap dishes and romantic baskets we will offer a wide array of gift baskets and crates!!

Be Sure to check back often and look for the symbol to find our newest additions!!

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