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Horselovers Skin Care

We own, train and breed Peruvian Horses so we are well aware of the toll placed upon your skin by spending hours bathing, grooming and riding your horses!! Our Horselovers line will replace your skin's lost moisture while protecting it from further damage.

Our lotions and creams add a protective layer to your skin, that will draw moisture from the air and screen you from the sun's harmful rays. Lip balm will protect and sheild your lips from wind as well as the sun. Tub Teas provide an excellent way to soothe sore muscles and rejuvinate your senses after that long ride. And our hot oil treatment will nourish your hair and replace moisture lost to the sun.

Protective Lip Balm
I don't know how many times I have been out riding in the wind and sun and found I had brought nothing to soothe my chapped lips!! Our Lip Balm solves that problem!! Rich in Sesame Oil to naturally protect your lips from the damage of the sun, we then add the superior moisturizing quality of Shea Butter and Honey. Combined with soothing Aloe Vera, Vitamin rich Avocado and sumptuos Jojoba oils your lips are in for a real treat! Natural, unbleached beeswax gives our lip balm a fantastic texture!! Peppermint and tea tree essential oils are added as a natural alternative to sticky sweet fragrances. Moreover tea tree oil is commonly used to treat sunburn and speed healing!! Our generous 1/2 ounce lip balm pot easily slips into your pocket or saddlebag!! Also makes a fantastic stocking stuffer for all of your horseloving friends and family!! Try our lip balm today-Chapped lips will become a thing of the past. 1/2oz pot - $2.00
Horselovers Nourishing Lotion

By adding sunscreening oils as well as herbal infused oils, our horselovers lotion helps protect your skin from the sun and wind!! Much like our original Windriver lotion, it maintains a light, non-greasy texture while drenching your skin with moisture and vitamins A, D and E!!

Available in our 8 oz Cobalt blue bottle for $8.00.
Or our 12 oz white bottle for $10.00.
Horselovers Protective Cream
Thicker and richer than our lotion, our cream is for intensive moisturizing. Cracked, dry skin during the wintertime? This will fix it!! Also contains the same sunscreening properties of our lotion and lip balm, rich in vitamins A, D and E. Packaged in a 4oz cobalt blue, jar. $5.00 per 4oz.
Relaxing Tub Tea
Our Tub teas contain a blend of 10 organic herbs combined to provide you with a relaxing, soothing soak after a long ride!! Its simple to enjoy your tub tea, just place the oversized tea bag in a warm bath, steep, and enjoy!! Six oversized Tub Teas, $5.00
Horselovers Hot Oil Treatment
Hot Oil treatments have long been known to nourish the hair and offer deep conditiong. By blending vegetable oils known for their conditioning benefits, infusing them with herbs and adding beneficial essential oils, we can offer you a moisture drenching treat for your hair like no other!! $6.00 for a 8oz Cobalt blue bottle!

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