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Welcome to Windriver Naturals, a different way of life and certainly a different way to care for your skin!

There are a lot of things you won't find in our products: animal fats, petroleum chemicals and any process that is harmful to the enviroment. What you will find are:

    • eggs laid by our own hens
    • fresh goatsmilk
    • herbs picked from our own garden
    • soaps rich in glycerin with abundant skin softening properties
    • Lotions and Lip Balms loaded with quality vegetable oils and butters.

Our lotions and creams only contain preservatives and emulsifying wax derived from plants, and minimal packaging to cut down on landfill waste.

We don't think you will miss those things that we left out and your skin will appreciate those we have added. We welcome you to Windriver Naturals a different way of life and certainly a different way to care for your skin!!

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