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The Happy Horse

The Happy Horse equine skin care collection features carefully blended products for horses and the people who love them.

Horses are an important part of our lives. They are our friends and companions. Spending time with our equine partners seems to melt the stress away and provide a needed break from daily life. So we offer these products to treat our friends as well as possible. From mane conditioners, hot oil treatments and natural soaps your horse will have never looked or smelled so good!!

For the horselover we offer lotions, creams and lip balms with natural sunscreening abilities, to protect your skin and replenish lost moisture after a day outside. Our mild soaps provide lots of scrubbing power to gently exfoliate and wash away dirt. Tub Teas will soothe sore muscles and tired legs while rejuvinating your senses. And our conditioner will assure that you look as good as your horse!!

So take a look around, we hope you find what your looking for! And Welcome to Windriver Naturals! A different way of life and certainly a different way to care for your horse!!

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