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The Happy Horse ~ Equine Skin Care

We own and breed Peruvian horses, so we know that commercial products tend to be harsh and somewhat lacking. Our equine skin care line features the finest vegetable oils and butters infused with organic herbs like rosemary, peppermint and catmint, from our own garden. Essential oils are also added for their conditioning and bug repelling qualities.

All ingredients are vegetable derived, so you won't find any animal by-products here!! Moreover, all recipes are formulated to work in harmony with the natural process of the hair and skin. You'll notice the difference the first time you use our products!

We hope that you will find our products do exactly what we say they will! As always your satisfaction is our main goal. If you have a horse with a skin care issue or are looking for a particular product, e-mail us!! We are always happy to help!

Protective Daily Conditioner
Oils of Jojoba and Olive are infused with herbs that are chosen for their ability to assist in hair growth, sun screening and conditioning, then blended with other high quality vegetable and essential oils. Jojoba and Olive oils do not inhibit the natural function of the skin or hair and act as a humectant drawing moisture from the surrounding air. Apply daily or as needed to improve mane and tail condition and to add lustre. Introductory special $5.00 a 12 oz. bottle (price increases to $7.00 on October 15th!)


Rejuvinating Intensive Conditioner
This potent conditioner breathes new life into dry, damaged manes. A blend of vegetable oils and shea butter carefully chosen to condition, protect and gently screen the suns damaging rays, while adding incredible shine and texture. For dark manes and tails the added oils are infused with Rosemary for additional conditioning. For light manes, oils are infused with chamomille, to gently lighten and condition. And for those who would like to use this conditioner on all colors of manes we offer a neutral blend. Introductory Special $5.00, 12 ounce Bottle (Price increases to $8.00 on October 15th!).

Nourishing Hot Oil Treatment
One of the best known solutions for damaged human hair is a hot oil treatment. Now you can give your horses a hot oil treatment especially formulated for them! Oils are infused with beneficial herbs and blended for a superior solution to dry, damaged hair!! For use on all mane colors. Introductory special $4.00 per 8 oz bottle (price increase to $6.00 on October 15th!).

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