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Welcome to my junior dragster webpage , where I will show pictures of our cars as well as some of our friends , and who knows what else . We are drag racers from southern Indiana , but we race all over the midwest . Christopher is 13 yrs old and Kaitlin was 9 yrs old in May of 2001 . Among her other hobbies Kaitlin is the 1999'& 2001' Indiana state champion in gymnastics , finished 2nd in the nation twice, and took the silver medal at the Junior Olympics again this year . Christopher's other hobbies are hunting and fishing and he has been a solid straight "A" student his whole life "so far " . As you can see I'm a proud dad ! (You gotta reward em' somehow , Right ??)

Big "C"

Christopher on a low 9 second run in his Motivational Tubing car 1998 at Action Dragstrip in Terre Haute In.

Special "K"

Kaitlin , Christmas morning 1999' with the new 12.90 class "Twisted Sister" car (yes she's in there ) Best E.T. 12.02 @ 52mph


Christopher Carrico , on another 8.90 pass in his 99' Mike Bos car at the 99' Jr. Dragster Nationals , best pass to date-- 7.91 @ 80.88mph 1.61 60' 4.91 330'

Any clues as to how Wheelie got his nickname ???

Christmas "99" The New Mike Bos Pro 1-- This car goes for sale as soon as the 2001' -Halfscale car is done. --SOLD

"Burnin' up a track near you "

Check back from time to time to see updates on the Jr. Funny Car addition to the team that we're building in our chassis shop , it's all done now except the body paintwork , feel free to e-mail us with any questions about it , & don't forget to click on the picture page . We will post pics of the F/C as soon as we get a chance. ---Click on the link . Also coming soon , pictures of the new 2001" Halfscale car ---Click on the link

funny Car Pictures

2001' Halfscale Superlite "Top Fuel pictures
Wheelie Motorsports is seeking sponsorship for the year 2001' racing season , if you would be interested in one or both cars , let us know what we can do for you , contact us at


Special thanks to:

"Engines by Arkie"

Motorhead "the webmaster"

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