1/06/2003 9:33a.m.
Just added a new poem it can be read here

7/29/02 3:08p.m.
A new poem has arrived to view the new poem click here

7/15/01 5:34p.m.
I just added a brilliant new poem click here to read it

6/02/01 7:18p.m.
I am currently working of a flash intro for the tragic page... expect that to be up sometime this weekend or early next week...It has also come to my attention that the netscape side of this page is not very easy to navigate around i will be working on that as well... and i will also have added a c.g.i. contact page so when you want to email either me ( site designer) or tradgichik(poet) you dont have to go through all the trouble of opening up your email box instead you can just type your message into the "contacts / emails" page and it will email it to us...
thank you for your time...//// necrogenic

This site is constantly being updated. Currently in the works are an " About the Poet " page and a links page has just been added. You are strongly encouraged in the participating in the creation of these pages. Below you can submit questions to ask the poet and/or you can submit a link to be added to the links page.
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