I hope that he looked back many times in a desperate search for some sort of compassion no matter where it came from no matter what face it had. I know this strife all to well so i can provoke this cruelty until i have a surge of gratification the sort that tickles the stomach and shoots up and down the spine. It might be cruel to impose the punishments due to others on such a mediocore soul but what is left to do with a ocean of anger and a mere puddle of compassion? Give in and waste what little life i have in me? id rather inspire my days with self indulgence and empty rooms then play such a role. I am not a wife i am not a toy i am not to be taken for granted. I feel inspired for he has bored me for so long with nothing feelings while the whole time the feelings were in me even though they are rather amuzing when they are acted out in others. Life is dull rather dreary and if there is a need for drama i will be the first to step up to center stage. a shallow stream can only run so deep while it is indeed walked in for what is there to fear of a shallow stream? i am overwhelmed with this sickness i have a smile on my face while the wanderer had no place to go. i say goodbye good luck and i wish you many regrets.