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Opening up for all the shame, no longer caring about snide comments and
dirty looks. Show everyone what you have hid deep inside for so long. Enjoying
the fear toying with their sadness. Some are so easy and expose their open
wounds to all, these are the ones who are asking to be infected. Life is so
much easier when you let others tie you down by your veins while they stand
guard to make sure you dont move. Its so simple not to try. I understand
completely although I would never receive the credit. Every feeling that
surrounds me runs through me, I've cried tears that were not my own, I've
betrayed lovers I have never met, I've clenched my jaw and shook with anger
from a hate I never knew. IM feeling a bit under estimated. If it seems I have
turned my back and covered my ears I haven't I dont have to be completely
there. I already know. I have somehow mastered fake. I might say despise it
means nothing I might say vanish, look deeper. There is sort of a shield there
when you have been stabbed to many times you start to protect yourself. I say
nothing in confidence if the truth be told IM shaking under my skin hiding the obvious