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The other night my pride was stole. Sharp stabbing pains in my stomach
disgusting taste in my mouth. Of course you never know what to believe
while staring into the eyes of a liar. The other night my dignity was tossed.
On my knee's there was such a mess on the bed and in my head. What
good is a whore? The other night i broke apart. my feet would not stay
steady underneath i crumbled on the steps. Its hard to keep your head high
when the words i hate you burn your open wounds. A wound will not heal if
it is constently infected. The other night i felt isolated. Cries were ignored
feelings were denied. I threw myself into a box and locked it. Denying that
what i felt was real. There is no need for this madness. The other night i lost
all hope. I realized that the box i had locked myself away in wasnt so easy
to get out of. I felt the sides trying to find a escape only to realize the air was
sparse and i was for surely going to run out if i kept trying at this pointless
attempt. The other night i threw my life away. The body does not have to stop
breathing to be dead. Such a slow death it has been one piece of me taken
away one painful piece torn away every day. Today i beg myself for forgiveness.

You told me once that you always get what you want. so as I stand here head
bowed down, messy hair, bloodshot eyes, tear stained cheeks, and cracked
lips unsteady on my feet. I scream is this what you wanted? As I cannot bare
what life has become I walk in silence in a dream world. For my crown has
been tossed, my face has now aged, with a longing for my love to cease. All
of my open wounds and your words burning like salt what is left of me? The
ache that never dies in the body that never lives. Haunting are their faces cold
is their tones. Do you even remember yesterday? Some sort of silly excitment
caused by an assumption please speak more clearly. Bowing down to my one
true God I fear there is nothing left. I have been robbed of my blood sucked
right out of my veins, robbed of my innocence while there was no one looking.
You told me once that you would never go away as I stand here alone.