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Turn and face me. Would you like to play a game? Let me warp your mind
and in return i will beg for the same. Sit still and let me read your eyes, come
closer so i can touch your skin, let me breath you so i can steal your air.
Put your lips on mine, let me slide my tongue into your mouth. can you feel it?
Take my cold hand, ill lead you into my world of ridiculis dreams being
sloshed with ice cold reality, let the frost that escapes my lips into your body.
try to run but there is no escape. ill let you touch me only where i want. now
tell me all of your truths, lies only bore me. i will listen as i discet you. piece
by piece placed in my own special way put together by my twisted imagination.
let me dig my claws under your skin and feel whats really inside. its all fair ill
put down my weapons and let you come inside of me. although to be safe ill
close up once that is done there is no returning. what you see inside will leave
you in a musty room ofull of cobwebs and dead roses. nothing is fresh in my
mind with all innocence lost the moment it sinks in im planning a funeral.
now that we have connected now that your soul collided with mine do you
want to run? ill let you just remeber what i stold from you. you will leave
without it. i will lock it away in one of the many doors in my mind you will
well never have it, feel it, or need it again...

Only in nightmares could the average mind comprehend the whispers in the
night or hear the silent please for help. Sickly pale skin, sore eyes, cobwebs
for hair. Still clinging to a feeling that had been felt only in a dream. Next to
having a lost soul skin so cold no warmth to cling to. The obsession with an
image no real truths to be found. Open eyes only blank spaces. A lie is a
word, words only spoken. True beauty never to be found. The only comfort
so easy to achieve yet so hard for others. The call of death is being heard.
Fake smiles pretending to care. To wound up in isolated world. Cuts never
bleed wounds never heal. No true pain can be felt. Strip away the tears the
trembling lips the very flesh that covers. There will be nothing. Open arms to
dieing dreading everyday left to live..