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If there was ever a time to sleep with one eye open the time is now. In the
dark hidden in the shadows listen close and you will hear the fading cries
of the lost souls. The chosen few who dont care where they cut or how
much you bleed. They will still laugh. A knife to your throat, maybe a razor
across your lip but there no way of hiding from these sins. A pain from this
illness, a scream in this madness. No one can hear your please for your life,
for they will not listen beyond the fear. The taste of death in the back of your
throat. You are truly alone now.....

Ive been held back by suck ignorance in the past, even with my tattered
self I put my foot down, stand tall chest out for which symbolizes the
monster within known as pride. You see though my love I can see it in your
eyes hear it in your voice feel it quivering inside of you. I know the feeling
well you must understand in all of my twisted thoughts and jaded memories
for I also am guilty of such insecurities. I know how the mind can play tricks
to fuel the imagination in such tasteless evil fashions. I have the visions the
warnings the voices that are paranoia. Once cannot capture love and keep
it in a box trapped by four walls sealed from the world that surrounds.
Love is free, if it is to be true loosen your steel claw grip for eyes may
wander thoughts may stray but the one you truly love will stay in your heart
under your skin ruining in your blood. Trust is always a feared word but
without it you are jeopardizing your own soul. Without risks there are no
true rewards, with no rewards the soul can strain. Although anger feeds
passion it could be the match that lights the WICK that will burn down to
nothing. Which leaves us with empty arms and regret....