Jack and Terry were talking one day in the company lunch room. 
Jack confessed that he had recently been having trouble with women. 
He asked Terry, who always seemed to have a date, what was his secret to finding women willing to go to bed. 
Terry said the secret was poetry. 
Jack said that poetry was for faggots.
Terry disagreed and stressed how poetry had made him very successful with women.

Jack: " OK, I'll give it try. What should I say?"

Terry: "You need to say something about their hair, then compare their eyes to some animal, 
then explain to them the way you want to make love to them."

Jack: "Give me an example."

Terry: "Curly blonde hair and eyes like a dove. I want to take you home and make sweet love."

Jack: "OK, that sounds easy, I'll give it a try."

The next day, as Terry walks into the company lunch room, he sees Jack, who's head is swollen & covered with bruises.

Terry: "What happened to you?"

Jack: "I tried your f**kin' poetry, that's what happened!"

Terry: "What did you say?"

Jack: "I took your advice, I said something about her hair, then compared her eyes to an animal,
then I explained to her the way I wanted to make love to her."

Terry: "And it didn't work?"

 Jack: "Hell, no it didn't work... look at me. She beat the shit outta me."

Terry: "Let's hear your poem."

Jack: "Nappy haired b**ch with eyes like a frog I wanna bend you over and f**k you like a dog." 

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