mad-lib It is the day of your th birthday. You and your best friend stroll down the mall looking for a perfect outfit to wear for your party later tonight, when you spot and decide to check it out. As you two are admiring the off the rack, you see a tall figure walk into the store. You turn your head wondering who it is. "" you scream. "huh" replys "turn around!" after the two of you calm down, you decide to approach him. "hey Simon what are you doing here in ? "oh just shopping for" as you see him hide his bag from victoria's secrets. "what do you have in there?" asks "oh just some lotion. I just love this stuff ya know. makes your skin so smooth and..." "ok spare us the details please!" you quicky say. "haha no this is for my mom who happens to love this stuff." he replys. "sure o-k" you & reply.

suddenly, you get this incredible feeling in Simon presence, it is as if you two shared an electrifying connection. You gaze deeply into eachother's eyes. Then he takes your hand, gets down on one knee and starts singing directly to you, infront of everyone in the mall! Then all of a sudden, your favorite band, pops out from what seems like thin air, and starts to sing back up as Simon serenades you. Without noticing anyone but Simon, a huge crowd begins to form and begins to flush with embarrassment, but you don't care. Then Simon fishes through is pocket and pulls out a ring. " Will you marry me?" he says. You start gushing out into tears & leap into his arms. The crowd cheers and awww's!

You and Simon lean in for a memorable and beautiful kiss, and all of a sudden you feel your comforter being pulled off by your pet And you throw your pillow over your head and realize that it was just a dream. Oh well, maybe some day you'll get a chance to see Simon, but for now....only in your dreams.

The End