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These pics are from the Jack & Jill viewing party at a bar called Q's! Read the encounter below.

here is what Huy had to say about her encounter:
While driving down the 101 I heard Rayen on star 98.7 fm talking to Simon Rex and he said something about a finale party so i called in and they said it would be at a club called "Q's" so i called and they said it was a 21 and over place i was like i have to call my cousin for her id ( i am 20 by the way) any ways; i then called rose who also used a fake id... so on sunday we get there and i forgot i had no film in my camera and i so i went around looking for film and loaded it up. we get there and see bright lights screaming tiny-boppers and so at this point i was like dying...we get there and right away me and simon make eye contact wow i nearly melted i quickly got into the club went straight to the bathroom and then ordered a midori sour..(really good by the way)...so simon, ivan and justin come in finally...they go upstairs and watched the first half up there then came down to give autographs and i was like rose get as many pics of me and simon as you can...so i take one with justin then ivan and now simon i go hi and he says hi nice to met you...so he goes on to sign a cast photo and i ask if i can have a pic with him and rose starts snapping away....so i was like i want a really kick ass pic so i ask can i take one sitting on your lap and he pushes his chair from the table and says "yeah!!"( in a really guyish voice)then screamed "everyone move photo opt." so rose snaps away again...as i am sitting i felt something on my leg as said i hope that's your cell phone and we both laugh...(oh my god i forgot before i sat on his lap i asked if he could sign by shirt and he said hey thats me!! and had me show a couple of his posse...) i said thank you and he said nice meeting you. I pick up my autograph that reads to huy ( pronounced wee) thanks for the memories in bed..soon he looked he was about to leave..i was like are you leaving and he says not without giving you a hug (ahhhhhh!!!!) then one of the writers asked if i could make a copy of my shirt for him..(it was a shirt with simon on it "his favorite shirt that he would never wear") and gave me a card.