TV Guide Chat with Simon Rex

TV Guide: Tonight we are chattting with Simon Rex from television's Jack and Jill. Welcome Simon! Thanks for coming by to chat with us!!

Simon: My pleasure!

Question: Was Felicity your first break into television sitcoms... or were there other shows you were on before Felicity?

Simon: I worked on a sitcom the year before called Katie Joplin. Which was a WB sitcom. That was my first job. So Felicity was my second TV gig.

Question: What do you find more challenging working as an MTV VJ or doing TV or Movies?

Simon: I think acting in general is more challenging that being a VJ. It's more of an art. Being a VJ you're just being yourself, it's easy, you just kind of ham it up.

Question: Are you anything like your character?

Simon: Yeah, I'm a lot like Mikey, except I have my life together a little more than him. But we're similar in a lot of ways.

Question: Simon, what was your least favorite subject in high school?

Simon: Math.

Question: If you could choose one other career besides acting what would it be and why?

Simon: Musician, cause I enjoy music so much. That would be fun to be in a band or something.

Question: Is it hard to be an "everyday" person now that you are such a big success? What's changed from when you were just "plain Simon"?

Simon: Just my career has changed obviously. Now I'm working and my work structure has changed. What I'm doing is challenging and fun. My social life hasn't changed so much. It's pretty much the same right now though.

Question: What made you want to be on Jack and Jill?

Simon: I liked the script, it was funny. I liked the character a lot and it seemed natural.

Question: When did you start modeling?

Simon: When I was 18. It didn't pick up for about a year. Then it went well in NY, Milan and Paris; I did that whole thing.

Question: What were you like in high school?

Simon: I was the class clown. I got in trouble a bit, but I wasn't a bad kid, I was just messing around.

Question: Hey Simon, I am a big fan of your's! I was wondering if you liked working with the MTV crew or Jack and Jill crew better?!

Simon: I like them both a lot, it's hard to say which is better. They both had a great group of people. I love them both.

Question: So what's going to happen to Jack and Jill are they going to get together?

Simon: I don't want to give it away! Keep watching!

Question: What do you think about the current issues of school violence?

Simon: I think it's horrible of course. But I think we've gotten so used to it know, everything has gotten so violently lately, it seems like every week there is a tragedy, it doesn't even seem real. I think guns are a huge problem in this country. Period.

Question: Simon Rex, what inspired you to start acting?

Simon: I got approached when I worked at MTV by some people in the movie business and TV, so I figured I should pursue it.

Question: What do you think of Mariah Carey's move to acting?

Simon: I haven't seen her act yet, so I don't have an opinion. But all the power to her.

Question: I think you are really hot. Are you single?

Simon: Yeah, I don't have a girlfriend right now.

Question: What made you decide to act in the new and upcoming scream movie?

Simon: It's not Scream that I'm in, I did a spoof of them called I Know What You Screamed Last Summer. It was fun.

Question: Hey Simon, I think you are SO SEXY!!! I would like to know if you have any pets? If so what kind of pets? and what are there names??

Simon: None. Sorry.

Question: Simon, what is your current favorite song?

Simon: An Air song called "Brakes On".

Question: How long does it take to learn your lines for the show, Jack & Jill?

Simon: A day, not even, you just study a little the day before. It's not hard.

Question: What is your favorite movie?

Simon: Waiting For Guffman.

Question: Who has been an inspiration in your life?

Simon: I can't really think of anybody who inspires me off hand. I don't want to just say anybody

Question: What kind of music do you like?

Simon: I like drum n bass, I like hip hop, heavy metal, modern rock of the 80's, reggae.

Question: Do you spend a lot of time online?

Simon: No, I don't have a computer. I have Nintendo.

Question: What's the craziest thing you've ever done?

Simon: Jumped off this tower in the San Francisco area, it was really high, you could die, and I jumped off a few times with my friends.

Question: What do you do to relax?

Simon: I go to the steam room at the YMCA or I swim, Swimming helps me relax.

Question: Hi Simon. What is your idea of a perfect date?

Simon: A perfect date would be a quiet restaurant, really good food, good bottle of wine, and just really mellow, then from there, who knows?

Question: What is it like working on a hit TV series?

Simon: It's fun, but it's not a hit! If it was that would be great, but it's great either way. The ratings are good but not through the roof. I want people to start watching the show because I think it's great and a lot of fun.

Question: Is being a TV star all it's really cut out to be?

Simon: Nah, not really. It's all in everyone's head, it's just a job, I go to work and work with a lot of regular people, come home at night, and I have a normal life.

Question: Is Rex your real last name, or have you changed it?

Simon: My middle name.

Question: How many times a week do you excercise to get that trim body?

Simon: Three times.

Question: Do you consider yourself a role model?

Simon: No, I don't think a lot of kids look up to me, I just work on a TV show. If I was, it would be a big responsibility and I would take that on, no problem.

Question: You are really cute I totally admire you and was wondering if you have any advice for a girl who wants to be an actress.

Simon: Yeah, my advice is to have another career going on to support yourself. Unless you already have a lot of money. Because it's not easy.

Question: Simon, what are the traits/characteristics you look for in a woman?

Simon: Sense of humor, mature, but not boring, and healthy.

Question: Are you going to be in any movies?

Simon: I Know What You Screamed Last Summer, the horror movie spoof, comes out in a couple of months I think.

Question: Does your mom like Jack and Jill?

Simon: Yes she does, but I don't know if she's just biased! But she watches it every week of course.

Question: How long have you been acting?

Simon: Just about three years I guess. I've been studying for three years, and working the last year and a half.

Question: Do you have a dream role that you hope to play someday?

Simon: No, I haven't thought of that, I would just like to do some cool fun roles in some good movies.

Question: Why was math you least favorite subject?

Simon: I just don't like numbers, they scare me!

Question: Are you a shy person?

Simon: Sometimes, you know, I'm comfortable with myself and I'm secure with myself when I'm out socially. Sometimes I'm obnoxious, so I don't think it's shy as much as less obnoxious.

Question: What was your favorite subject in high school?

Simon: I liked history, cause that was cool facts and useful information to me as opposed to theorems and numbers and stuff.

Question: Who do you like the most on the set of Jack and Jill?

Simon: I guess I hang out with the guys the most, cause we work together. Me and Sarah also have a fun time together, she's crazy.

Question: How did you like working with Keri Russell?

Simon: She's great, she's a sweetheart, and it was a pleasure to work with her. It was fun.

Question: Simon, who was your favorite celeb you met? And who else do you really want to meet?

Simon: Howard Stern, it was cool to meet him. And I want to meet Jennifer Lopez, she's so hot.

Question: Will you be returning to Felicity for an episode or two or will you be permanently placed on Jack & Jill?

Simon: It's very possible I could return, you never know!

Question: Would you consider going back to modeling?

Simon: If this career didn't work out, sure, but not unless this doesn't pan out. Question: What is on your wish list for the holidays?

Simon: I want the Y2K thing to not be as crazy as everyone thinks, I want everybody to be OK.

Question: Other than Jack & Jill, what is your favorite TV show?

Simon: I like Everybody Loves Raymond.

Question: Do you wear boxers or briefs

Simon: Neither! Just kidding - boxers.

TV Guide: Thanks for coming by to chat with us tonight.

Simon: My pleasure!

TV Guide: Hope you come back again.

Simon: Thanks a lot!

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