Hi Simon! We put together this online birthday card for your 26th birthday. You are our favorite actor and We really admire you and your talents. When you look at your card you will notice that over 200 fans signed it from all different parts of the world, including, New Zealand, Spain, Brazil, Norway, South Africa, Australia and MORE! (SIMON REX has gone INTERNATIONAL!!) You are welcome to come back and read this card for the occasional ego boost, or if you are just having a bad day. Knowing that hundreds of fans admire and support you would make anyone smile. You may also want to check the WB message board , because it is "Mikey's Week" and we are doing a discussion on you and your character! We hope you have the BEST birthday ever and make everyday count! And we hope you succeed in everything that you do! WE LOVE YOU!
Love Always and FOREVER,
~Kat & Jan

p.s. If it is at all possible, could you please email us and tell us if you received this card??