Without a doubt, he's MTV's hottest veejay. Find out the top ten ways to make Simon Rex sweat on a date.

1.) Make the first move. "I'm not very good at hitting on chicks. Usually, I get introduced to them or they come up and talk to me. I'm too shy to approach them first."

2.) Let him pick the movie. "I like going to see thrillers-that way, if my date gets scared she can grab my hand. I wouldn't want to go to a romantic comedy. It makes me really uncomfortable to watch love scenes when I'm with a girl I hardly know."

3.) Get weepy during emotional scenes. "I think it's so cute when a movie makes a girl cry. Sometimes I cry, too."

4.) Share his love with animals. "I wish I had a pet. Right now, I obsessed with little monkeys, like the one on Friends. I love cats too. If I had a girlfriend, I'd give her a kitten. That's a sure way to a girl's heart."

5.) Compliment his lean bod. He's a little self-consicious about it. "I think I'm too skinny. I've been trying to put on some weight, but I just can't. I even joined a gym so I can start lifting. I'd like to be about ten pounds heavier."

6.) Don't expect a first-date smooch session. "When I really like a girl, I'm too scared to kiss her on the first date. If I were to get the nerve, though, it definitely wouldn't be a French kiss-maybe just a little peck on the lips. I wouldn't want to blow it by being too pushy."

7.) If he does kiss you, keep your eyes closed. "I hate it when a girl keeps them open, but it's okay if she peeks now and then-I do. And she shouldn't kiss too fast. I like kisses that are nice and slow."

8.) Be romantic-and hungry. "The perfect date would be an evening at the beach house I'm renting in LA with an all-you-can-eat buffet. I'd put on some jazz, light candles and most important, turn off the TV. I wouldn't want anything to distract us."

9.) Stop the star-tripping. "I get turned off when a girl asks me lots of questions about my work. I want to be with someone who's into me, not The Guy from MTV."

10.) Forgive his klutziness. "When I really like a girl, I spill things down my shirt and trip over my feet."