Press Releases
The following are the magazines that Simon Rex is currently featured in. Even if it's a little one inch picture.

US Magazine (december 1999)
Teen (december 1999)
Teen Celebrity (january/february 2000)
Glamour (january 2000)
J-14 (january 2000)
Twist (february 2000)
Teen People (april 2000)
Teen (april 2000)
*NM (australian mag) (april 2000)
*BIG HIT (australian mag) (april 200)
US WEEKLY (may 1st) issue 272
SEVENTEEN LOVE ISSUE special issue (summer 2000)
BAZAAR (september 2000)

*not positively sure about the month but pretty sure.

That is all that we know of, but I'm sure there are more. If anyone knows of or has a magazine with Simon in it please email us.