So, what'd you think?
It's incredible how fast it is, and the colors and everything are insane. Plus, when you pick it up, it's like no other videogame console. It's heavy and powerful. It feels good in your hands.

Did you play solo?
My friend Brandon played Street Fighter EX 3 with me for a few hours, and he loved it. He loved being Chun Lee and beating me. We played for a while.

Was there anything you should've been doing instead of playing PS2?
Yeah, selling it to someone for a thousand dollars. Nah, really, if I'd had that snowboarder game, I wouldn't have left the house.

What'd you think of the graphics?
Unbelievable. Better than arcade graphics--so easy on the eyes. Totally different than Sega. This one's the best one out there. Plus, they have the same joystick as before, which is good. If it isn't broke, don't fix it.

Will you buy one?
For sure.

And how do you expect to get your hands on it?
Hey, I go to this place in Koreatown, and I can always get it early. I give them my name, and they hold it for me. It's cool.

How much time do you spend with joystick in hand?
I'm a recovered junkie. I used to be a lot worse--it completely consumed my life. Then I found this great videogame--it's called real life, and you get to go and play outdoors.

Hours Played: Five
Games Played: Street Fighter EX 3 and Tekken Tag
Favorite: Neither
Number of Envious Friends: "Tons." Plus one ultrajealous stepbrother in San Francisco who nearly flew down to L.A. just to play.
Injuries Sustained: "My thumb was a little sore."

Source: EOnline