Ahh...We knew you would come here! What good is a website on the most beautiful man in the world with out any pictures!?! hehe... Here is the list of the Simon Galleries to choose from! ENJOY!

  • Snaps
    These are still shots of Simon on Jack & Jill. (provided by Jan and her IBM PC camera!)

  • Scans (UPDATED 9/4)
    These are pictures of Simon from various magazines personally scanned by us, or sent to us for our exclusive use. (these are not for other website use unless we give you permission and you credit us.)

  • Charlie's Collection (UPDATED 9/4)
    These are some amazing pictures from Simon's modeling days donated to this site by Charlie Baker. These pictures are SUPER rare and a MUST SEE!

  • Collected Pics (UPDATED 10/15)
    These are pictures that we have collected from the different websites around the internet.

  • Felicity Snap Shots
    These are still snap shots of Simon as "Eli" during his 3 episodes of FELICITY.

  • Katie Joplin Snap Shots -NEW!
    These are screen captures of Simon as "Tiger French" when he was on the WB TV series, "Katie Joplin".

  • Simon w/ Melissa Joan Hart
    These are pictures of Simon interviewing Melissa Joan Hart back during Simon's vee-jay days.

  • Simon Desktop Wallpapers!
    Download Simon Rex wallpapers made by Kat for your desktops!

    These are Simon buddy icons for AOL instant messenger. Made by Kat, for you to download.

  • NBA All Star Pics
    These are pictures taken by Kat when she met Simon at the NBA All Star Jam session in Oakland, CA. They are exclusive to this site so please do not take them!

  • Jack & Jill Viewing Party
    These are pics that Huy took when she met Simon at the Jack & Jill viewing party. She was lucky enough to get to sit on Simon lap! How crazy is that?!