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He was the hottest VJ at MTV's Beach House, the guy who stole Felicity's virginity, and now he's the pretty boy every girl wants to date on Jack and Jill.
by jodi bryson

Tell us about your new show:
It's about six people in their '20s, three men and three women, who are figuring things out. But it's not like Friends, because it's an hour-long drama that actually focuses on the two main characters, Jack and Jill but with comedy. You could say it's like Ally McBeal meets Friends.

Are you like your character Mike in real life?
Mikey's not a far cry from me. He's a fun, easy goin' dude who basically just likes to hang out with his friends. But he's also asking himself, What am I going to do with my life?

Is that a question you ask yourself a lot?
It was. After MTV, I was thinking Now what? It was such a unique job. There's only been a handful of VJs, but most of them just disappear. I was curious about what my next step was going to be. And I was worried. But fortunately I was approached by some cool people in the business, and so I took about three years of acting classes.

There was some lag time between MTV and the scene where you deflower Felicity in the art room at NYU:
Yeah, that was a pretty cool break. I loved working on the set of Felicity. Keri Russell is the sweetest girl you could ever meet in your life. It blew me away how funny and nice and charming she was. It was the first time I did any dramatic acting and she made it easy for me. She really helped me.

Will we see you seducing Felicity again?
My character came and left because that's how it happens in real life. How you lose your virginity doesn't always end up how you planned. Keri saw the script and said Cool! I'm tired of my character being so square! I thought it was really real.

How do you deal when you see a girl you're attracted to?
I wouldn't say I'm suave or anything. If I really like a girl, I'm intimidated by her. That's how I can tell I like somebody: If she looks at me and I have to look the other way. She has power over me.

Do you have girls asking you out all the time?
That's the weird part of fame. I get the artificial attraction from people who say, Oh, I love you! but they don't even know me. So I get this thing where I don't know if a girl is looking at me because she likes me or because she just recognizes me.

What's the goofiest thing girls do?
I think it's kind of goofy when girls go to the bathroom to fix themselves up. It seems like girls are always going to the bathroom, and they don't really have to go. Oh, and it's sort of lame when girls are really gossipy and silly or get really freaked out over the littlest things. Does all this sound like I'm mean?

No. We asked. What's the best part of being on your new show?
Having a real schedule. And the cast is like a family.

Any famous last words before we say goodbye?
I really hope people enjoy the new show, and I appreciate any fans that have followed my career.