Happy Birthday Ivan. This is a homemade online Birthday card made by me, Kat. I just thought it would be nice for you to see how much you are loved by all the fans! And how much we support you and Jack & Jill! I hope all your wishes come true on your SPECIAL DAY!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
~KAT (rexgirlz@hotmail.com)

name: Roxy
from = RoxandRoo@aol.com
Happy Birthday, Ivan! Hope it's a great one! Just want you to know that your portrayal of Jill on Jack&Jill is awesome - you have truly made me love his character and the show. We are fighting to save the show, and hopefully we will succeed and get to see lots more of you and the whole cast! Roxy

name: Jasmine
from: lewis.jasmine@usa.net
Ivan, happy birthday! I just had my birthday also and when I saw your birthday around the same time, we had to celebrate! "Jack and Jill" fans are rallying together to see more of you on the WB with the renewal of the show. Hope to see more of you and happy birthday!

from: david8sarah@yahoo.com
HAPPY BIRTHDAY< IVAN!!! Have a good one! Love ya lots, Liz

name: Andrea Kopanja
from = Andreya18@aol.com
message? = Hi Ivan!! I am very big fan of J&J....and u anyways, every1 on the J&J board want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON MAY 7TH!!!!!!!!

name: Susan Maguire
from = scmdux@aol.com
Happy Birthday, Ivan. I just love your role in Jack and Jill. Jill is my favorite character. You do a great job. Hope you get whatever you want (renewal?) on your birthday. happy Birthday' Susan Maguire

from = webmaster@jackjill.zzn.com
message? = Happy Birthday, Ivan!!! I hope all your wishes come true!!!

from = scottye@yahoo.com
message? = Happy Birthday!!! Wishing you the best!

name = Faline
from = jones96@localnet.com
message? = *Happy Birthday Ivan!!!!!* So what are you going to wish for? Don't worry you don't really have to tell me.

name = Renate Hare
from = renateh@gateway.net
message? = Happy Birthday, Ivan! Hope you get loads of messages from your faithful fans. We all have high hopes to have another fun filled season with you and the gang of Jack & Jill. We love you! Renate

name = Dana Obradovic
from = bnana16dc@aol.com
message? = Dear Ivan, I'm excited that I have this opportunity to wish you a happy birthday. I love "Jack & Jill" and John Woo's "Once a Thief", but I have yet to see your TV movies. I wish you a very happy birthday! I'm really pulling for another season of "Jack & Jill"!

name = Irma
from = fsu9528@yahoo.com
message? = Happy Birthday Ivan! I enjoyed your show Jack and Jill immensely this season and was very disappointed to hear of its cancellation. I think it is a great show and I hope we (the fans) can do enough to keep it going. Enjoy your day!!!!!!

name = amy
from = ariesenberg@hotmail.com
message? = happy birthday ivan! mine is just around the corner as well and my birthday wish is you!! (well, you and jack & jill ofcourse)....so the WB better deliver!

name = Marylin
from = MaelSY@aol.com
message? = HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! I wish you the very best on this special day.

name = Linda Chung
from = lindachu@ucla.edu
message? = Ivan! Wendy (my friend) and I believe you have much talent. We want to see you in movies- lots of them! You're doing a great job on J&J. We wish you the best with that. Happy Birthday!! You're the bomb! Wendy and Linda

name = MARY
from = 23mhj45@home.com
message? = DEAR IVAN, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HOPE ALL YOUR WISHES COME TRUE I LOVE J&J (It has become my Favorite show). Always Mary (MH #23)

name = Caroline
from = Careline82@aol.com
message? = Ivan, you are truly one of the most talented and inspiring actors around. I've seen practically all your movies/shows, but the ones that I enjoyed the most are "Once A Thief" and "Jack & Jill." Keep up the good work and I wish you the best. Happy B-day!

name = Cory Willis
from = CWi891@aol.com
message? = I just wanted to say, that I am a guy and am totally hooked on the show. Your acting is incredible and you have such a connection with the rest of the cast. And some of your facial expressions truely make the show what it is. Have a terffic birthday and I wish you well in the future.

name = Beth
from = Snallyfoo@aol.com
message? = Hey! Happy Birthday! You are the best actor, and well, I hope the show never ends! :)Happy Birthday!

name = Misako
from = Misako@jackjill.zzn.com
message? = Verry Happy Birthday to IVAN from JAPAN! I have never seen "jack&jill" because I live in Japan.But I can enjoyed to read all of the episodes fom this site. Please take care of yourself &I am looking forward to watchinig your latest movies! *sorry,may spelling might be strange..* GoodLuck MISAKO /from JAPAN

name = Emily
from = JKBosco@aol.com
message? = Hey, Ivan! Hope you have a great day! Love, Emily

name = Rachel
from = stillwtr@optonline.net
message? = Happy birthday to a TOTALLY talented and gorgeous actor!!!!!

name = Angel
from = angjel2000@aol.com
message? = Happy B-Day Ivan! Make a wish and blow out the candles!

name = Behareh
from = b78spring@cs.com
message? = Love the show. I think you are an awesome actor plus you're adorable. Well I'm wishing you the best on your b-day. love b

name = Erynne
from = ZaNeYMaNiA@AOL.com
message? = Happy Birthday Ivan!

name = Vanessa
from = vops@hotmail.com
message? = hi ivan, im from brazil and i love the show, specially your work. i just wanna congratulate you and wish you a happy birthday!!!!

name = Melissa
from = jmap@epix.net message? = Happy Birthday!!!
I really enjoy your show. I hope to be able to see it in the fall. It really is a great show. Melissa

name = Z
from = zpigg@juno.com
message? = Happy Birthday! Best Wishes to you in the future and much continued success.

name = Belinda
from = brazon@columbus.rr.com
message? = Happy Birthday Ivan! I'm a huge fan of Jack & Jill. It's been a treat watching you and Amanda Peet interact with one another and watch your storyline as well as the rest of the talented cast's storylines develop so wittingly and entertainingly! Hope this year is a great one for you. God bless you!

name = Harry Parratesteez
from = mrben_dover@aol.com
message? = Happy Birthday, Ivan! You're daddy must be a hunter because he sure caught a fox! Do you know karate? 'Cause your body is really kickin'. hahaha! have a fun day!

name = Pam
from = Pamprh@aol.com
message? = Happy Birthday, Ivan! Thanks for a great year of entertainment!

name = Justine
from = justine111@hotmail.com
message? = HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! i hope you have a totally amazing and kickass day!!! I think that you are absolutely amazing and I really don't know what I'll do if "Jack and Jill" is cancelled!! Keep up the great work that you do and remember that your fans love you so very much!! Love Justine

name = Brittany Wallace
from = Maxlover26@hotmail.com
message? = happy birthday

name = VALARIE
from = toriphil@3lefties.com
message? = Happy Birthday Ivan!!!!! From a truely devoted fan, If you get this come and check out my site devote specifically for you, and hey sign the guestbook. :0) http://www.dreamwater.com/ivansergei Love and hope you enjoy your birthday!!! Valarie

name = missy
from = bumpkin343@hotmail.com
message? = happy birthday!! love you in all the things you have done and hope to see more of you in the future. on jack and jill i hope.

name = Caroline
from = CGgwaltney715@aol.com

name = Merri Jensen
from = mejensen@eos.ncsu.edu
message? = HAPPY BIRTHDAY IVAN! I hope that you have a wonderful birthday, and know that all of your devoted fans (particularily those of us who love you an Jack & Jill) are sending you many birthday wishes! Here's to another season of Jack & Jill (that's my wish! ;-)

name = Kristen
from = noles13@yahoo.com
message? = Happy Birthday, Ivan! You are a wonderful actor on a great show, "Jack and Jill"! Have a great day!

name = TUTI
from = tali4@excite.com

name = Sally _
from = smilingsally@hotmail.com
message? = Happy Birthday Ivan... It's strange to write something to someone I don't know at all but I really appreciate your show and you do a fabulous job so I hope you're b-day is the best ever. -Sally

name = catrina
from = azneyes13@hotmail.com
message? = hi ivan! how are you? i'm fine. my name is catrina and i'm from frisco,cali. i watch Jack and Jill all the time and it's my favorite show. i just wanted to wish you a happy birthday and hope this birthday is memorable!!

name = Anushka
from = slknqt930@hotmail.com
message? = Hey Ivan! What's up. I'm so gald that jack and jill is coming back. It's the highlight of my Sunday. I know that everyone probably tells you this but you are such a cutie! Happy Birthday!! Love, Anushka~

name = leeza t.
from = abra_cadabra_yahu@yahoo.com
message? = Happy birthday, Ivan.. love you soooo much, baby...

name = Rochelle
from = mijacogeo@xtra.co.nz
message? = Just a simple Happy Birthday Ivan - hope it's a great one! From your fans in New Zealand. Have a great day!

name = Butterfly
from = butterfly_ellis@hotmail.com
message? = Happy Birthday!!!! Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday from Washington, DC. I will be out in your neighborhood mid June. Do something enjoyable, it's your day, live it up!!!

name = Rebecca Garcia
from = rebeca_garcia@starmedia.com
message? = Hi Ivan, I am a brasilian fan of you and your work.In the name of all of us from Brasil i wish you all the happiness in the world and that all your dreams com true. Happy Birthday!!! Lots of kisses from Brasil :)

name = Kalu
from = kalutres@arnet.com.ar
message? = Hey Ivan!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I'm Kalu from Argentina and I love "J&J". My english isn't good so I do my best... I just want to tell you that I think you're great, your voice is amazing!!! Please come to Argentina to visit us, my friends (and me) loves you!!! Have a nice day and... be happy all the time!!!

name = Lauren
from = L2FEINER@aol.com
message? = Hey Ivan- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! You seem like a great guy, and we already know you are a great actor. I hope your birthday is one of the best ever. LOVE, Lauren

name = Karina Lucas
from = ka_brazil_99@yahoo.com
message? = Hi Ivan! My name is Karina and I'm from Brazil. Yes, you have at least one fan in Brazil. I just want to wish you Happy Birthday and say that I think you're amazing as an actor and as a person. Continue doing this amazing work on Jack and Jill, my favorite show. Love, Karina

name = MONA S.

name = Lora
from = LBTwins06@aol.com
message? = Ivan... I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday and much luck on your growing and continuing success. Have a Great Day!!!! love 1 of your many fans Lora-19

name = Archana K.
from = arch26@hotmail.com
message? = I've been a fan of yours ever since I saw the pilot/TV movie Once A Thief! You were the coolest as MAC!! You and Sandrine Holt make the cutest couple on screen!! I truly believe your career is really going to speed up, just like it said in the Hollywood issue of Vanity Fair. Jack & Jill is great I'm sure the Wb wouldn't be stupid enopugh to leave your fans hanging by pulling the plug. Anyway, Happy Birthday and i hope you get everything you wish for. Lots of love Ivan, Arch

name = solange alkanati
from = cleonilo@hotmail.com
message? = hi!!!happy birthday, im from argentina and i wanna say that i watch your show every thurstday and its grate. you are so qute that i cant explain that with words, what i feel for you when i see you. so ...here the girls are crazy about you, please came to argentina!!!!!!!!!!

name = Dashiki
hey ivan! happy birthday!! how old are you now?! keep up the great work! oh yeah..does your dad work in a bakery?! you have really nice buns!!! happy birthday!

name = Quishanda
message? =dearest Ivan sergei..Happy Birthday! I think you're the greatest! and i'm you're #1 fan!! I have pictures of you posted all over my walls..even a big blow up picture of you over my bed! I have pictures of you in my wallet..and pictures of us together..even though we've never met..i hope you dont think i'm OBSESSED! I really hope i get to meet you one day and get a big bear hug from you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN! By the way..is your dad a terrorist? Cuz you're "DA BOMB!"